Have you ever heard of XD Design Bobby? It is a special backpack claimed to be anti theft. There have been a lot of users keep giving positive feedbacks to this bag. Most of them saying how good its performance is. This makes some people think what so good about this bag. To answer that question, we (Link Here ) have prepared some answers for you.

bobby backpack

1. Anti Theft

The first good thing about this bag is the anti-theft feature. First of all, this bag has hidden zipper. No one will be able to find it easily, except you. Second, it has some pockets in the back and side of the bag which are also hidden. You can keep some small stuff there and take them without taking off your bag.


2. Top-Quality Fabrics

These XD Design Anti Theft Bobby is made of top-quality materials. There are several layers used in this product. Some of them are cut-proof, which means it is not easy to cut or even scratch the bag. Moreover, there is also a foam in between the layers. It works as an anti shock so it can endure damages when the bag falls to the ground. Furthermore, the fabrics on the front and back side has resistance to water. It will prevent your sweat to get absorbed.

theft proof backpack

3. Practical Weight Balance

Whenever we are carrying a bag with lots of items inside, it will hurt our waist and shoulder after a certain long period of time. But, this will not happen if you use this bag. Due to its unique mechanism of compartment, this bag will offer you a great weight balance. This will relieve the burden on your shoulders. In addition, since the weight leans to your back firmly, you can carry it more evenly.

 4. Advanced Compartments and Easy Access

Still about the compartment, there are several of them inside the bag. Each of them will make sure to hold your things firmly so they will not move around. This bag has various methods to access the inside based on its angle view. You can choose between 30°, 90°, and even 180°. By that, you can search for any items you need at ease.

5. Illuminant Bars

Do you often travel with your bike at night time? Then you will need this bag for sure. There are several bars on the bag which will illuminate at night. These bars aims to ensure your safety during night traveling. Each of the light bars is on visible angles. Also, other people still can see the lights within 100 meters.


6. Integrated USB Charging Port

The external charging port is the other best thing you may like from this bag. It is very easy to use it. You only need to insert a powerbank inside the bag and connect it to your phone or tablet through the port. Hence, you can charge your gadget anytime and anywhere you want.

anti theft bag

7. Additional Luggage Strap

When you carry this bag and a luggage during traveling, there is no need to carry it on your shoulder. You can simply attach it to the handle of your luggage with its elastic bandage on the back side.


All of these points are the answers of what makes XD Design Bobby as the best anti-theft backpack. Each point clearly shows the quality of the bag. So, what do you think? Are you interested in buying one Bobby now?